Aaron's Rod And A Nice Watch
Acrylic on Canvas. Size:  120cm x 150cm 

The man’s mouth is filled-to-bursting with sweets of various colours and flavours. Despite having a mouth filled with tasty confections, he is hunched over as he realizes that he is not God but a fragile being who is not sure who he is or where he is heading. He holds a rod that does not give him much stability or direction, and a nice watch that does not tell the time. He fantasizes about whether he is holding Aaron’s rod and if his watch might tell him the time of eternity. He has habitually found purpose in these objects over the years even though they are functionless and mediocre. However, as the end of life draws near, he is increasingly anxious about what lies beyond death. While the sweets in his mouth retain their colour and sweetness for the moment, he wishes someone would tell him who he is before the flavours and the colour fade away.

Aron's rod and a nice watch..jpg